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Germany's Stoneline Xtreme Series Non-stick Non-Toxic Stone Cookware 11.2" Square Saute Pan - 2016 Top of the line model, better taste food

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Manufacturer Description

Benefit from the famous and unique Stoneline Xtreme coating and also from many comfortable possible applications of this line. Thanks to the pouring rim you can pour off or decant liquids cleanly. The lids have two integrated pouring sieves. Liquids are drained by the lid sieve so you can renounce the application of a sieve or a bowl from now on. The food can be served appetizing and practical directly in the pot or the pan. On the edge of the cookware is a support on both sides, in which you can put the lid. In this way, the removed lids cannot pollute the work surface as they can be put in the support and the excess liquid in the lid flows back into the cookware. The main advantages of the STONELINE Xtreme cookware at a glance: Absolute scratch-proof STONELINE Xtreme non-stick coating, Optimal frying result and crispy fried meat, Best taste, Food cook on it would absolute taste better and just like cooking on real stone. Vitamin gentle cooking without fat and oil, Non-stick, no scorching, Easy to clean, Suitable for all cookers, even induction cookers, Extra strong, non-distorting base, Base thickness 4.5 mm This product is ovenproof up to 180 °C (356 °F) Material: die-cast aluminium with Stoneline Xtreme coating inside and powder coating outside. Tips for cleaning and maintenance: We recommend cleaning the cooking and bakeware with some water and a mild detergent before first use. Afterwards spread some drops of cooking oil with a cleaning tissue on the coating. For further use you can renounce the application of fat or oil! Thanks to the easy-clean-effect we recommend the cleaning by hand. Just wipe out the cookware with hot water, detergent and a soft sponge.

Product Features

Made and imported from Germany. The newest pots and pans from STONELINE Xtreme are the racing cars amongst the cookware. Experience the advantages of the STONELINE® Xtreme line combined with the strongest and most scratch-proof coating you've ever seen. FPOA Free, Lead Free, Non-Toxic, met all the toughest European food safety standards. Xtreme robust, Xtreme fast, Induction Stove top ready with built-in inductive iron disc on the bottom, Xtreme scratch-resistant, Xtreme durable, Xtreme in heat distribution, Xtreme stylish, Xtreme strong, ...that's STONELINE® Xtreme! The Stoneline Xtreme coating is like coating of tiny stone pebbles on the surface. The standard Stoneline is a flat coating. It is a 2 to 3 times thicker than the standard Stoneline and the Stoneline Future. When you see or touch the surface, you can see a surface of small stone round pebbles sticking out Non-scratch: 10 times more durable than other nonstick pans. 12-year factory Warranty. Comes with removable pouring glass lid. It can be remove completely or stand on the end. This is a 28cm x 28cm x 7.6" (11.2"x11.2"x 3") Square Stewing pan (or saute pan). Thanks to the square form you can use the frying surface more effective, because you have 25 % more frying area than in round pans. Temper Proof glass lid with sieve function. Cooking on the Stoneline Xtreme is guarantee to have better taste than any other non-stick coatings on the market. The reason is that you are coating on real stone. The non-stick performance is first rated and last more than 10 years in daily cooking.

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