Toxic Free Nation

Toxic Free Soaps

There are three methods used to make soap namely; melt and pour, hot process and cold process. Melt and pour results in clear, glycerin based soaps while the hot process applies heat after saponification. This is a stark difference to the cold process which as the name suggests doesn’t utilize heat to produce high quality soaps. During the cold process, lye interacts with oils to create glycerin, the most important ingredients in soap. Whether you are buying homemade or commercially manufactured soaps never go without reading the label. This is the only way to tell if your soap adds any value to your body and not a horde of harmful chemicals. Remember that unscrupulous manufacturers pry on people without the right information and arm yourself with the facts that could literally save your skin. Even if you choose organic soaps, do not assume that they are all safe. Always check the labels on different soaps to ensure that they bear certification to prove that they are indeed made of pure plant matter.

Make the change today so that you can rest easy each day, knowing that your family is bathing in health and not toxins.